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Monday, August 14, 2017

Kalray uses massively-parallel processor for 'Just a bunch of flash' JBOF arrays

By Nick Flaherty

French massively parallel chip designer Kalray has developed a controller for  the next generation of data centre storage servers.

Available in the autumn, the KTC40 includes a PCIe board based on Kalray's MPPA2 manycore processor, as well as the all important complete software stack. This supports both NVMe-oF (embedded non-volatile memories over fabrics) and Ethernet JBOF (Just a Bunch Of Flash) to improve the density of SSDs. 

Using JBOF eliminates the need for costly and power hungry dual x86 controller and the associated DDR memory, reducing the cost of JBOFs by 65% and increasing SSD density within the JBOF by 60%. This gives an overall reduction in power consumption of 65%1. 

"We are excited to offer this unique solution to our data centre customers," said Eric Baissus, CEO at Kalray. "KTC40 will give our customers a new range of possibilities for optimizing their JBOF. This means increased SSD density, as well as big savings in both the cost of the JBOF itself and in terms of significant reductions in power consumption within the JBOF. We are confident that this will be a leading solution in the new era of Ethernet-compatible JBOFs."

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