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Friday, March 29, 2019

Rugged industrial PC has IoT Greengrass pre-loaded

By Nick Flaherty

Logic Supply has launched a rugged computer that is rated for extreme environments, highly configurable and can be pre-loaded with AWS IoT Greengrass and machine learning data.

The Karbon 300 rugged fanless computer has been designed to overcome the limitations of deploying reliable computer hardware in challenging environments. 

A key element is that the PC can be pre-configured to seamlessly communicate with Amazon Web Services. AWS IoT Greengrass with Machine Learning (ML) Inference is available as a pre-installed option, allowing Karbon 300 to perform ML tasks and enabling the use of ML models built and trained in the cloud to be utilized locally at the edge.

"Computing at the edge is increasingly at the core of today's Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT solutions," says Logic Supply VP of Products Murat Erdogan. "These devices are being deployed in environments that would quickly destroy traditional computer hardware. The builders and creators we work with require a careful combination of connectivity, processing and environmental protections. With Karbon 300, we're providing the ideal mix of capabilities to help make the next generation of industry-shaping innovation a reality, and enable innovators to truly challenge what's possible."

Designed for use as an industrial or mobile gateway, automation PC, workstation or digital media device, Karbon 300's all-metal chassis measures 154 x 56 x 119 mm and can be wall, VESA or DIN rail mounted. The system is powered by either an Intel Apollo Lake Atom E3930 Dual-Core, or E3950 Quad-Core processor. Connectivity includes 3x LAN with optional Power over Ethernet (PoE+), dual DisplayPorts, dual RS-232/422/485 COM ports, 4x USB 3.0, integrated CAN bus and DIO. Available wireless options include Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, 4G LTE and LTE Cat M1. Expansion and storage can be configured via dual M.2 slots and the system is available with 4 or 8 GB of onboard high-speed LPDDR4 memory. OS options include multiple versions of Windows 10 and Linux Ubuntu 18.04.

The Karbon 300 can be configured with an Intel Movidius Vision Processing Unit (VPU) to accelerate machine vision algorithms and enable AI and machine learning applications. Integrated hardware TPM provides Root of Trust data security to help protect sensitive information and integrated Consumer Electronics Control allows Karbon 300 to control connected displays in digital signage, kiosk or entertainment installations.

"Our clients are constantly pushing the limits of what computers can do," said Erdogan. "We wanted to challenge ourselves to build a piece of rugged hardware that was more resistant to environmental damage than anything we've ever designed before. We've always been obsessive about reliability, but we subjected Karbon 300 to stresses above and beyond our usual battery of tests, including additional vibration and impact testing, as well as higher and lower temperature extremes. The result is a computer system that provides incredible installation flexibility, wherever computing power is needed."

To meet the demands of extreme computing environments, Karbon 300 is tested according to IEC 60068-2-27 & IEC 60068-2-64/ MIL-STD-810 procedures for shock and vibration. EMC, shock and vibration performance also meet the in-vehicle UNECE Reg.10 E-mark and rolling stock EN50155 standards. The system is CE and FCC compliant. A wide input voltage rating, operating temperature range of -25 ~ 70°C (-13 ~ 158°F) and automotive power capabilities make the system well-suited to in-vehicle and other mobile installations.

Karbon 300 is currently available for pre-order at

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