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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Cortus launches RISC-V family of controllers

By Nick Flaherty

French processor developer Cortus has launched a range of six RISC-V processors, ranging from low end embedded controller to a 64 bit processor with Floating Point.

The cores are available for design-in in customer ASIC designs implemented by the experienced teams at Cortus.
The range starts with a low gate count, very low power 32 bit CPU core - the APS1V (RV32EMC). A more powerful, but equally low power CPU, the APS3V (RV32IMC) comes next. If a multi-core solution is necessary the APS5V (RV32IMAC) is available. If floating point is needed then the single precision FPS6V (RV32IMACF) can be used or the FPS8V (RV32GC) for double precision calculations. The last member of the family is a high performance 64 bit processor with double precision floating point and MMU: the FPS69V (RV64GC).

"Our customers and partners are benefiting from our experience with processor design and I am proud of these RISC-V ISA implementations, which are creating real value in the ASICs we are designing for our customers. With over 4 billion devices with Cortus technology inside our customers enjoy real success with us," said Duc Nguyen Huu, General Manager at Cortus.

The processors have already been implemented in customer projects in the aerospace, satellite, industrial and automotive sectors. A complete development ecosystem is available, including graphical environment, compiler, debugger real time operating systems and tools. Billions of chips containing Cortus IP (including processor IP) have been manufactured based on the successful Cortus ecosystem.

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