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Wednesday, May 01, 2024

Coordinated Lunar Time, Qualcomm buys and the US pulls back on CHIPS Act R&D funding

By Nick Flaherty

April was the month of Embedded World, when the European industry came to Nuremberg and we had the opportunity to talk to senior executives and engineers on the latest technologies.

The roundup of our Embedded World coverage is detailed in the top articles from Embedded World – visitor update although there are still plenty of interesting articles in the pipeline. But the month started with a discussion on the need for coordinated lunar time (CLT) to provide more accurate positioning on the Moon for future missions.

Embedded World started off with detailing the latest RISC-V standards, and interviews with Sandra Rivera, CEO of Altera and Salil Raje, senior vice president and general manager of the Adaptive and Embedded Computing Group at AMD.

The latest lithography equipment for 2nm and 1.6nm processes is also starting to ship. ASML has shipped its second High NA system, and Intel has been detailing some of the work as it moves to the 14A 1.4nm process.

The downturn in the automotive business has taken its toll on one of the largest chip design houses in Europe. Sondrel in the UK has seen a change of CEO as a result of the challenges of 5nm and 3nm designs for automotive.

Embedded World saw some very interesting details, with the top articles covering he latest version of the PSoC microcontrollers designed for AI and machine learning, to the surprise acquisition of From talking about a $1bn public flotation last year, the company was sold to Qualcomm for an undisclosed sum and now makes up a key part of the toolchain for Qualcomm and Advantech.

But the most popular article of the month was the oversubscribed US CHIPS Act. The latest round of funding for R&D projects has been cancelled,  

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