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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Micro Display maker gets order boost

Scottish micro display maker MicroEmissive Displays has won a £2m order for its polymer-OLED microdisplay from a manufacturer of consumer products in the Far East. This will also be the first to ship from the company’s new manufacturing facility in Dresden and is a key, absolutely key, demonstrator that there are people to buy the technology.
The small emissive display is a lot clearer and sharper than traditional systems, as well as being significantly lower power, but it's small - so it's going into 'eyescreen' applications such as view finders, which is a tough, established market. The deal demonstrates that they can actually win the business!
The potential though is for screens in glasses and other small, portable systems, which is huge.
“This order is first proof of MED’s assertions that the image quality and battery saving, coupled with the small size and weight allowed by integration of backlight and driver electronics, all make the eyescreen the ideal component for portable consumer products,” said Bill Miller, CEO, MicroEmissive Displays

The order is for the 6mm QVGA ME3204 microdisplay.

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