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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Vista steals da Vinci thunder to claim 500 years in the making

The UK launch of the Vista operating system was making some rather grandiose claims by association – it has been working with the British Library on digitising two codices (partial books) of Leonardo Da Vinci so they can be seen together for the first time electronically. Fantastic – a service to the world, definitely, as the reunited Codices will be available to view through the British Library website for six months, and an opportunity to run video of the da Vinci notebooks on a blog! THIS is what the Internet is all about!
And if you use it for the launch of Vista, OK, it’s a bit tacky, but that’s OK. It’s just the tag for the reuniting of the pages – a moment 500 years in the making – alongside the Vista logos that is just too tacky.

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