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Monday, January 08, 2007

CES: Palm sized Vista PC from OQO

I just love the latest tiny notebook PC from OQO!

This machine is capable of running the Vista operating system, and yet weighs just a pound (or a quarter the weight of a full size machine). Stunning. It even has an HDMI connector to link to HD TVs!

However, I fear the time has passed for these machines. Look at the picture - you can't write easily on it and you can't really edit Powerpoint presentations, so you are going to also own a full sized laptop. So the $1500 price point is far too high for as additional machine. Shame that.

Embedded possibilities

But it does do is highlight the embedded possibilities. The processor comes from VIA Technologies, and if this 1.5GHz VIA C7M ULV processor can run Vista, then there is plenty of potential for more performance in the embedded market (running a decent real time operating system, of course).
The system is impressive: 1G of DRAM, 60G hard drive, EV-DO high speed cellular wireless (so only for the US - needs HSDPA for the rest of the world) and WiFi (of course). But the support is a bit odd - there is a quote from an obscure analyst with a VERY US-centred view of the world:

"OQO has always pushed the envelope on revolutionizing the personal computer form factor, but industry-watchers know that the big news with the model 02 is the integrated 3G capability," said Rob Enderle, Principal Analyst for the Enderle Group. "This will satisfy the strong demand among mobile professionals to take full-fledged PC capabilities anywhere there is a cellphone signal -- on city streets, in suburban subdivisions and deep into rural areas."

Oh well. You need to sell this around the world to get enough volume, not just the US. It won't last, which is a shame, but it is a thing of beauty.


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