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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

VOIP struggling?

What's happening with Voice over IP? Just as it is reaching the mass consumer consciousness, there's a blip. The second largest standalone VOIP service provider, SunRocket (no I'd never heard of them either but they've been running since 1994 in the US) has closed without warning, reports Associated Press. if this was a small operator, that wouldn't matter, but with 200,000 subscribers it is second only to Vonage.
Now who knows what the situation is (AP didn't) but the company fired Chief Technology Officer Mark Fedor and Chief Information Officer Robert Kramer at the end of June and then the chief financial officer, David Samuels, resigned on 2nd July - never a good sign! It has since laid off all 200 staff at its US call centre as well.
This might be mismanagement, or internal 'problems', but hopefully not a technology issue and just a blip on the growth curve. But remember that IPTV is a good five years behind VoIP in its technology development.

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