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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Arrow invests in Swindon for Artesyn configurable power supply service

Distributor Arrow Electronics is investing in its plant in Swindon, UK, to provide configurable AC-DC power supplies from Artesyn Embedded Technologies for low to medium volume requirements.

Arrow is replicating Artesyn’s own configuration line and testing processes so that it can offer configured power supplies from Artesyn’s MP, iMP and low profile (1U) MicroMP (uMP) ranges.

Over two million options are available and small batches of up to ten units can be produced in as little as 48 hours. Power supply requirements often change during a product design process and the Artesyn configurable solution delivers flexibility while reducing the costs and risk associated with full custom solutions.

In addition to the new configuration line, Arrow has installed equipment for surge and EMI testing as well as an environmental chamber that operates from -70 to +100 degrees Celsius. These all use Artesyn’s test procedures and parameters.

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