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Monday, February 13, 2017

Flexible solid state battery just 0.25mm thick opens up embedded design options

By Nick Flaherty

A $1.5m collaborative project is set to develop and produce a flexible, solid-state lithium battery that is just 0.25mm thick. By integrating an ultra-thin flexible ceramic substrate, more embedded design options open up.

The FlexTech consortium, set up by the SEMI semiconductor industry association, is working with ITN Energy Systems of Colorado on the 15 month project to produce a 500mAh cell no larger than 50 x 27 mm and just 0.25mm thick, says Brian Berland, chief science officer at ITN. The ceramic substrate is produced by ENrG of Buffalo, NY,  which licenses the technology from Corning.
“This work will break new ground in flexible battery development and address the many challenges associated with this area,” said Melissa Grupen-Shemansky, chief technology officer for FlexTech | SEMI.  “This technology is one of the most promising for multi-cell packages and infinitely-expandable battery components.”
An important part of the project is selecting a sealing material based on compatibility with the assembly process and the ultimate performance of the battery. “This new approach to flexible power supplies promises up to 10x the capacity with one-half the thickness of products currently in the market,” said Berland. “Once completed, we believe that rapid market adoption of this product is highly likely, since power availability and management is a significant bottleneck to many innovative FHE products.”

The story is at Project aims for flexible solid state battery just 0.25mm thick | EETE Power Management:

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