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Monday, June 12, 2017

Jerusalem reboots its IoT and AI technology incubator

There has been an interesting move in the highly innovative ecosystem for embedded system in Israel from eeNews Europe.

Motorola Solutions has teamed up with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an equity crowdfunding platform to re-launch a technology incubator for startups in Jerusalem.

The incubator will focus on emerging startups in storage, the internet of things (IoT), computer vision and AI and replaces a previous incubator led by Jerusalem Venture Partners.

That this is a significant reboot is highlighted by the new hosting at the Jerusalem headquarters of OurCrowd, an equity crowdfunding platform on the JVP Media Quarter campus. The new incubator will begin operations and accept applications in the second half of 2017.

OurCrowd has invested over $440M into 120 companies and eight funds, vetted over 6,000 companies and seen 13 exits. “This represents a unique team with a global reach, incredible scale, and with deep technological, commercial and academic roots and we expect to invest in close to 50 companies over the next 10 years and further grow the formidable cadre of Jerusalem startups,” said Jon Medved, OurCrowd’s CEO.

It is working with Motorola Solutions, Indian tech firm Reliance Industries and Yissum Research Development, the technology transfer wing of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Yissum has registered over 9,325 patents covering 2,600 inventions, licensed out 880 technologies and spun out 110 companies including Mobileye, BriefCam, CollPlant and Qlight Nanotech.

"The Jerusalem incubator is one element of our Israel innovation hub, which is focused on developing advanced solutions in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and other fields,” said Eduardo Conrado, Executive Vice President, Strategy & Innovation Office, for Motorola Solutions.

Jerusalem reboots its technology incubator | EETE Power Management - By Nick Flaherty

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