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Friday, June 30, 2017

Top stories in June on the Embedded Blog

By Nick Flaherty

It's poignant farewell to Intel's Quark processor in the IoT world for me here at the Embedded blog, as Wikipedia use one of my stories on the device as a reference for their entry on the chip. But I never understood why they chose to use the Pentium II architecture rather than modify the more modern developments (which they did with the Atom E3800 which is now the mainstay for IoT). Oh well.

We are also still waiting for the report that may shed some light on the bizarre catastrophe at Bristish Airways with their data centre power system. None of the explanations ring true, because if they actually ARE true, it was a disaster waiting to happen from an archaic and frankly negligent system architecture.

But its good the see the popularity of a self-powered Bluetooth mesh network as the most popular post this month (although being the first one this month definitely helps!) - EnOcean is finally coming alongside the existing standards as well as its own, which will bring its technology to a much wider market.


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