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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Nokia and Bosch team up for industrial IoT

By Nick Flaherty at

Nokia has teamed up with Bosch to help enterprises and Communications Service Providers more easily deploy industrial IoT systems from sensors through to applications.

Combining smart sensor technology from Bosch Connected Devices and Nokia connectivity, IoT platform and services, simplifies the challenges for industrial IoT developers in logistics automation and tracking, environmental control and industrial automation. The combined offering is planned to be commercially available in early 2018.

The initial work will focus on asset tracking, predictive maintenance and environmental monitoring use cases, with the companies currently doing several customer trials in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and commercially available solutions expected in early 2018. 

Nokia will provide its IoT connectivity, IMPACT/Netguard secure IoT Cloud platform and WING for IoT connectivity services using the ecosystem of mobile operators and sensing services. Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions will provide smart connected sensor devices, which enable industrial customers to improve their overall equipment efficiency and safety. 

The intelligent devices measure and transmit relevant environmental data based on Bosch MEMS sensors embedded in an energy-efficient architecture. The partnership will enable easier and more rapid development of solutions designed for large logistics providers, operators and industrial players.

"Bosch is the world's leading smart sensor manufacturer, and we are delighted to have reached a strategic agreement with them. This combination of devices, connectivity and services from two worldwide leaders will allow for the rapid deployment of large-scale, innovative IoT applications," said Laurent Le Gourierrec, head of strategic partnerships at Nokia.

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