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Monday, October 02, 2017

Top stories in September on the Embedded blog

By Nick Flaherty at

Low power networks for the Internet of Things are a strong theme for September, with a great piece fro, an analyst on the opportunities for LPWAN. It looks at the different technologies being used by different operators and the opportunities from going with other, less mainstream, options.

The Embedded blog has highlighted the move from standalone developments for the IoT to an end-to-end solution that is linked to particular cloud operators. This is at the heart of the Silicon Labs deal to team up with Microsoft for the Azure cloud service, integrating the APIs into the software development kit.

Interestingly there is also growing interest in quantum sensor technologies. The growth of the market is perhaps not as fast as might be expected (although I would probably quibble with the estimates are rather low) but the fact the market is there at all is is news to a lot of engineers. Quantum technology is advancing quickly, moving from the research lab to commercialisation in areas such as Bristol.

It was also gratifying to see the interest in the detail of the latest Sparc chip. This was a dominant architecture a decade ago with Sun Microsystems, and is now the bedrock of Oracle's server business.

One of the other themes for the Embedded blog was also strong in September, with blockchain secure ledger technology being used to secure components throughout the supply chain. This is a demonstrator for defence contractors but could be used to provide a reliable supply chain and tackle counterfeit devices in many different areas of the production of embedded designs.


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