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Monday, December 04, 2017

Mocana joins GE Digital programme for the industrial IoT

By Nick Flaherty

Mocana has joined GE's Digital Alliance Programme to combine the GE Predix edge-to-cloud industrial app development platform with its security technology for the Internet of Things. 

Mocana’s embedded security software, implemented on industrial control and automation equipment, ensures that both the device and its data can be trusted-- by securing the boot process, firmware and the transmission of data between the edge device, gateway and cloud. Mocana has deep experience in securing industrial control system (ICS) used in power generation and distribution, aerospace, avionics, defence, healthcare, oil and gas, smart buildings and cities.

“With its full-stack solution for securing IoT systems, Mocana is solving critical challenges of defending against cyber attacks, making devices trustworthy and securing communications,” said Michael Dolbec, managing director at GE Ventures. “Mocana’s IoT Security Platform can be embedded across GE’s industrial products and IIoT solutions to make them more secure.”

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