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Thursday, December 07, 2017

UltraSoC and Percepio team up for embedded analytics in real-time systems

By Nick Flaherty

Analytics is an increasingly important element of systems in the Internet of Things, but this can be a major challenge, especially for systems that have to run in real time.

Embedded debug IP developer UltraSoC is working with tool vendor Percepio to provide insight into real-time behaviours in RTOS-based (real-time operating system) embedded software. This will combines Percipio's trace tool with UltraSoC’s hardware-based universal monitoring and analytics platform to improve the predictability, power, security and safety of the systems.

Embedded software systems – which are at the heart of a variety of electronic products from lightweight IoT sensors to high-performance computing (HPC) platforms – are prone to sporadic errors that can be hard to spot and virtually impossible to predict or to prevent from reoccurring. At the same time, traditional chip design requires the use of debug tools to ensure the chip is ready for production. However, traditional hardware debug tools do nothing to spot nor to prevent changes or problems in the completed system in the field: these can significantly affect performance or power, impacting security and safety amongst other things.

The deal allows the Percepio and UltraSoC embedded debug tools are able to communicate and share essential information in real-time to ensure system-wide monitoring, effectively guaranteeing maximum performance and reliability.

“UltraSoC’s universal semiconductor debug, monitoring and analytics platform is an ideal complement for our Tracealyzer visualizations,” said Johan Kraft, CEO and founder of Percepio. “By combining our tools and offering something the industry has never seen, there are significant opportunities available to both companies.”

Percepio is widely used by designers using FreeRTOS, RTLinux and VxWorks, amongst other environments. UltraSoC’s analytics IP is designed to be used across any hardware platform, providing semiconductor designers with embedded analytics and intelligence in hardware debug. Bringing these two toolsets together ensures system designers benefit from an integrated embedded analytics solution. Synchronizing Percepio’s Tracealyzer with UltraSoC’s IP modules gives system designers an unparalleled insight into their embedded hardware and software.

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