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Monday, December 31, 2018

Four team for WiFI sensing in smart homes

By Nick Flaherty

Cognitive Systems in Canada has teamed up with Plume and Qualcomm Technologies to work with Stanley Black & Decker on a smart home security system called Omni. 

This would use Cognitive's Aura WiFi Motion technology, Plume’s cognitive software and OpenSync device software stack, and Qualcomm’s Mesh Networking Platform. The result is a self-install security and motion detection system that alerts end users to motion in and around their homes and businesses without the privacy risks, set-up hassles or high costs that come with security cameras and sensors. The collaboration between the four is a key step towards creating a truly cognitive, smart home or business.

“With more than 35 patents granted, we are very well positioned to disrupt the smart home industry by providing motion detection for security applications and elder care, and most notably, the vital context needed to make a truly smart home,” said Taj Manku, Co-Founder and CEO at Cognitive Systems. “Our WiFi Motion software stack allows Stanley Black & Decker’s Omni to provide motion detection coverage across an entire home or business, without cameras, so that users know their locations and loved ones are safe and secure.”

The Aura WiFi Motion technology uses RF sensing technology that can “see” and interpret WiFi signals, coupled with predictive analytics for reliable and accurate detection and localization of motion.

Cognitive’s solution integrates with OpenSync, an open source embedded software that allows partners like Cognitive to launch applications to a ready-made audience across millions of homes. OpenSync intelligently processes data collected by Omni in the Plume Cloud and enables new services to be deployed, managed and supported.

“As the IoT landscape changes with more devices and use-cases, customers are increasingly looking for new service providers to enter the home and bring new solutions over-the-top,” said Tyson Marian, Chief Commercial Officer at Plume. “Omni is a great example of how we enable partners to provide new WiFi applications and monetise their services leveraging our existing service portfolio to deliver performance and insightful data at scale.”

Omni will be available for purchase in the summer of 2019 but will be shown at CES in Las Vegas next week.. “Our goal is to provide our customers with a security product that provides true peace of mind,” said Spencer Maid, Vice President, Breakthrough Innovation at Stanley Black & Decker. “Cognitive Systems’ Aura WiFi Motion technology, combined with Adaptive WiFi delivered through Plume’s cognitive service curation platform, allows true interoperability between IoT devices to ensure motion is monitored and interpreted effectively, enabling customers to not only protect their homes and businesses, but also keep their privacy intact.”

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