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Monday, December 31, 2018

Top stories in 2018 on the Embedded blog

By Nick Flaherty

Naturally the Internet of Things runs as a theme through the top stories through the year. But we started in January with a standard for high speed SD cards that can be used for embedded storage. And this push into embedded is driving significant growth in microcontrollers - we know this, but its good to have the numbers

New tools for crypto and GUI development were if distinct interest, but we also saw significant interest from some applications, particularly a solar powered autonomous camera and a sprayable antenna that can be easily deployed for wireless IoT nodes.  

AI is also a strong theme, as MIPS and Wave Computing drive chips and Tuya and Microsoft drive services, while Infineon's backing of FreeRTOS will boost the use of the open source real time operating system.

The year finished strongly with the industrial IoT rollout across ports around the world, and we look forward to covering the fantastic technologies that are emerging for the embedded market in 2019. 

  1. JEDEC doubles SD card speeds
  2. MISRA-compliant embedded crypto tools target the IoT
  3. MIPS rides the AI wave
  4. Microsoft pushes harder into IoT
  5. ST buys Draupner Graphics for GUI tech in the HMI of Things
  6. Zephyr adds SiFive for RISC-V support
  7. Researchers incorporate optoelectronics into washable fabrics
  8. Tuya aims to drive AI for the IoT
  9. Embedded drives microcontroller growth
  10. Infineon backs FreeRTOS for IoT
  11. Sprayable, transparent antennas for the IoT
  12. Solar powered autonomous camera
  13. Ports trial IoT tech 

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