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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Antenova develops complete GPS receiver module for under $3

SiRFstarIII system embedded GPS applications

By Nick Flaherty

Antenova Ltd in Cambridge has developed a GPS receiver module that costs less than $3 to open up the technology to new embedded applications
The RADIONOVA SS3 Receiver Module is a complete GPS receiver including SiRFstarIII GPS IC and all front end RF components in a very small low profile single package module. It can provide device manufacturers with a very low cost, complete drop in solution for a wide range of embedded applications including “GPS mouse” (USB dongles), personal trackers, automatic vehicle locators (AVLs), vehicle black boxes, data loggers, media tablets and portable media players (PMPs).
“Antenova has been highly successful with its range of CSR SiRF based GPS RADIONOVA receiver modules,” said Greg McCray, CEO of Antenova. “Due to cost reductions realized from volume manufacturing, we are able to pass on those savings and offer the SS3 GPS Receiver Module at very competitive pricing. At Antenova, we remain committed to providing customers the broadest range of high performing, lowest cost complete GPS receiver modules for embedded applications.”
The single package module measures 18.4x9x2.3mm3 and is suitable for SMT mounting. It operates on a single 3.6V positive bias supply with low power consumption and available low power modes for further power savings. SS3 is supported by SiRF’s GPS software suite and uses a UART/SPI host processor interface.
The special offer SS3 GPS Receiver Modules are available direct from Antenova only.
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