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Friday, October 07, 2011

The Top Ten Most Wanted Wireless Innovations

By Nick Flaherty

Making porting embedded software between wireless platform easier is one the biggest demand of the industry, according to a new top ten list of 'most wanted' innovations.
The list from The Wireless Innovation Forum represents the collective view of the Forum’s 100+ member organizations on innovations, either technical, business or regulatory, that if achieved realised would address key shortcomings in existing wireless communications systems.
The Forum, the successor to the SDR Forum, identified issues related to software implementations, radio equipment, network and systems, and regulatory. In no order of priorities:
  • Innovation #1: Techniques for Efficient Software Porting Between Heterogeneous Platforms
  • Innovation #2: Generic Development Tools for Heterogeneous Processors
  • Innovation #3: Certification Process for Third Party Waveform Software
  • Innovation #4: Low Cost Wide Spectral Range RF Front-End (Multi-octave Contiguous) (Tx,Rx)
  • Innovation #5: Techniques to Minimize Power Amplifier Spectral Regrowth in Non-contiguous Spectral Environment
  • Innovation #6: High Performance Power Efficient GPP
  • Innovation #7 Increase Communications Time on Battery Charge by an Order of Magnitude
  • Innovation #8: Means of Coverage Extension – Maintaining Communications in Emergencies and After Disasters
  • Innovation #9 Interference Mitigation Techniques
  • Innovation #10: Flexible Regulatory Framework for Temporary, Cooperative and Opportunistic Access
To create this roadmap, the Forum’s Roadmap Committee sought participation from the different wireless industry stakeholders, including users, radio manufacturers, software and hardware component providers, network operators and spectrum regulators to identify perceived or real shortcomings in the wireless domain.
“The innovations selected by the Forum’s members may not all lead to patents or intellectual propriety if realized,” said Claude BĂ©lisle of the Communications Research Centre and Chair of the Roadmap Committee. “They will all, however, serve the community in addressing emerging wireless communications requirements through increased system performance for the users, improved responsiveness and deployment time of standardized families of products, technologies and services, and reduced total life cost of ownership.”
The Forum’s Roadmap committee intends to evolve the Top 10 List over time, as per the Forum’s 2012 Operations Plan. Innovations will be replaced as the overall needs of the advanced wireless community are met and evolve. 
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