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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Baidu rolls out Xilinx accelerators as instances in its datacentres

By Nick Flaherty

Chinese tech giant Baidu is rolling out Xilinx FPGAs for embedded designers to use as application accelerators in its public cloud data centres.

The new service is using Kintex FPGAs, tools and software for engineers to develop and deploy hardware-accelerated applications such as machine learning and data security.

"FPGAs have the capability to deliver significant performance for deep learning inference, security, and other high growth data center applications," said Liu Yang, Head of Baidu Technical Infrastructure and Co-General Manager of Baidu Cloud. "Years of research and FPGA engineering expertise at Baidu has culminated in our delivery of proven acceleration infrastructure for industry and academia."

The Baidu FPGA Cloud Server provides a complete FPGA-based hardware and software development environment, including hardware and software design examples to help users achieve rapid development and migration while reducing development costs. Each FPGA instance is a dedicated acceleration platform, never shared between instances or users. The design examples cover deep learning acceleration, encryption and decryption, among others. 

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