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Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Code compression for embedded apps

By Nick Flaherty

SEGGER has launched a new member of its code compression software family.

emCompress-ToGo is based around SEGGER's new compression algorithm SMASH, which has been specifically developed for use in embedded systems with almost no RAM.

It features high speed, low memory usage on target compression and decompression with no RAM used other than a buffer holding uncompressed data.

The proven emCompress-Embed and emCompress-Flex products offer support for standard compression schemes such as LZMA, DEFLATE, and LZJU90 without an open source license.

Whilst the emCompress family of three products is geared towards use in embedded systems, it can also be used for other purposes, such as embedding data in PC or other applications. It is proven in various applications, from reducing size of firmware updates, FPGA bitstreams as well as increasing bandwidth of communication channels.

All code has been developed by and can be licensed from SEGGER. It is not encumbered by any Open Source license.

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