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Monday, March 05, 2018

Startup aims to power real time IoT apps at the edge

By Nick Flaherty

The massive wave of growth and change from the Internet of Things (IoT) cannot be met by traditional cloud and embedded systems. Like mobile and cloud before it, a whole new purpose-built approach to computing for the edge is required, says startup Zededa.

As a result it is building a secure, open source cloud-native approach to real-time edge applications for self-driving cars and industrial robots. It has raised $3m from investors including Ed Zander, former CEO of Motorola and former COO of Sun Microsystems.

“Tomorrow’s edge computing environment will be distributed, autonomous and cooperative. The edge is complex, and not only has to scale out securely, but simultaneously must become friendlier for app developers. That's the problem we are solving at Zededa,” said CEO and Co-Founder Said Ouissal. “True digital transformation requires a drastic shift from today’s embedded computing mindset to a more secure-by-design, cloud-native approach. This will unlock the power of millions of cloud app developers and allow them to digitize the physical world as billions of ‘things’ become smart and connected.”

The company sees an open ecosystem and a completely new technology stack that creates the service fabric essential to achieving the hyperscale that edge computing requires. This will bring together operating systems, virtualization, networking, security, blockchain, cloud and application platforms.

Zededa is currently accepting sign-ups for early access to its platform which will move into customer trials in the first half of 2018.

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