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Friday, March 02, 2018

mbed tests out alpha of simplified desktop development tool

By Nick Flaherty

Web-based development tool and operating system maker mbed is working on a desktop tool that supports application development, build, debug, that will provide a greater level of integration with its web services. It is now looking for developers for a closed alpha test.

Mbed Studio is targeting application development, bringing together the command line tools and utilities into an environment that allows developers to get up and running quickly with a single installer. mbed currently provides desktop command line tools and utilities such as pyOCD and Mbed CLI, which are often used to build custom environments, or for CI, but mbed Studio is intended for users who are looking for a simple way to program and debug.

For the more detailed embedded development challenges, which require powerful debug capabilities, developers can still can work with Mbed OS in Keil uVision or IAR Embedded Workbench via the exporters.

mbed Studio is based around Eclipse as the C/C++ Development Tooling gives a good level of functionality for microcontroller development out of the box. Mbed OS tooling has been added with a focus on the UI around the idea of an active project, so that build, run, debug and other actions are all carried out against the active project. This is quite different to the way that Eclipse typically works, but the developerrs say it offers a more consistent development experience with the other mbed tools.  Eclipse can be confusing when it comes to configuration menus, and so the team populate as much as possible behind the scenes so that developers don't need to go menu diving.

It combines Eclipse, GCC, pyOCD and GDB, along with the tooling that is included with Mbed OS, such as There are also tools for version control, and will be focused on developing this area further. During the alpha, they plan to gather as much feedback from you as possible on how the integration of these tools matches your own development workflow. mbed will also add tight integration to the Online Compiler and Mbed website.

 If you’d like to volunteer as an alpha tester for Mbed Studio, please register your interest at If you would be happy to provide feedback, ideas and most importantly, a bit of time to test Mbed Studio, then you can sign up here. Once the release is ready, they will let you know and you will be able to download, install and test out Mbed Studio.

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