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Monday, July 23, 2018

First public blockchain for the Internet of Things

By Nick Flaherty

Tthe SDChain Alliance has launched what it believes to be the world's first public chain that truly uses blockchain technology to secure IoT data reliability.

The public ledger will start providing open services that facilitate Internet of Things integration with the blockchain as a decentralized ecosystem. In the real-world environment, with from 2,500 to more than 20,000 users, the minimum response time a system service can still maintain a 6ms response time with a stable performance of 5,000 transactions per second.

After nearly a year of efforts by SDChain's core technical team, SDChain's main network is ready to go. Based on the Co-Chain blockchain system, the "Blockchain Reform Initiative" connects Co-Chain and other public chains, and establishes the ecological data mining mechanism of the Internet of Things application. 

At the same time, the SDChain Alliance also released the "SDA Super Node Plan" for "data collection as mining" as first phase of "Blockchain Reform Initiative" and the first step in realizing the self-construction of IoT data mining. A one-month public SDA community vote started on July 20 to determine the details of "Super Node Plan" at

In March 2018, the SDChain test chain was released two months ahead of schedule, leading to ISO / IEC 30141 officially becoming an international standard in July when the SDChain public chain went officially into service.

Speaking at the SDChain public chain conference, , said, 
"Since the Internet of Things industry is bringing humans from the automation of communication in the Internet era to the execution of automation, the SDChain based on the international standard of the "six-domain model" has been verified by numerous application cases to prove that it is a blockchain technology that truly meets the future development trend of the Internet of Things industry," said David Pan, CEO of SDChain Alliance.

Founded in Canada, the SDChain Alliance leverages blockchain to activate IoT applications. SDChain believes that data from Internet of Things in the physical world should be shared through a fast, trusted and cost-effective blockchain network. Based on the "six-domain model" as a global standardization of the Internet of Things, the network enables data producers and data users in the open partner ecosystem to fully activate the potential of the digital economy and it promotes the development of innovation throughout the industry.

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