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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Video capability for LPWAN IoT networks

By Nick Flaherty

Polysense Technologies has launched image and video capture capability on wide area, low power networks.

The Polysense WxS 8800 universal sensor node series incorporates Semtech’s LoRa devices and wireless radio frequency technology with long ranges of 3km to 5km in NLOS (None Line of Sight) urban environments, and over 15km reach in LOS (Line of Sight) open environments.

One of the challenges with LPWAN systems is the lower data rate which doesn't really support video. Edge processing algorithms in the node allows nine integrated internal sensors in the WxS 8800 family for a wide range of IoT applications.

“We have multiple customers requesting the image and video capturing capability for our widely used WxS IoT end node product line,” said Alex Wu, President of Polysense. “We listened and responded with an image and video sensor that is low power, offers multiple modes of resolution, and includes night vision capturing and even image/video analysis. For example, an enterprise can install PIR in conference rooms/labs to detect the presence of a person, and then take a picture.”

“Polysense’s technology fills a gap in the current IoT ecosystem and image and video capturing solutions such as this, greatly expand LPWAN use cases in a variety of verticals including asset management and security in smart cities, buildings and homes,” said Vivek Mohan, Director of IoT, Wireless and Sensing Products Group at Semtech. “Semtech’s LoRa Technology has become the technology of choice for building low power and long range IoT applications, and Polysense should play an important role in making our world a smarter planet.”

“We have been using WxS for several use cases and look forward to the new exciting enhancements being added,” said Nick Sacke, head of IoT at Comms365, a leading IoT service provider based in the UK. “The unique combination of low power, night vision, and smart sensor triggering can be valuable for many end user IoT applications.”

Now with the new image and video capture capabilities on WxS 8800, Polysense is the only vendor that provides smart triggered capturing of event detections for applications such as asset protection, perimeter security, and senior care - where image and video are essential.

The nodes support image and video resolutions from 176*120 to 640*480 as well as night vision mode with 8MB of local storage, capable of storing up to 60 seconds of video segment or multiple picture images. The nodes have image and video analysis capability with an efficient local store and forwarding algorithm with frame retransmission mechanism.

Polysense's WxS 8800 universal sensor node series is in production and immediately available for ordering. 

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