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Friday, January 11, 2019

ARM moves into retail software

By Nick Flaherty

Chip designer ARM is branching out into the retail market with a full software stack that enables retailers to securely consolidate, unify and manage their previously separate digital customer data and physical in-store IoT data.

The move highlights the increasing importance of a full stack up into the cloud sitting on a particular chip architecture (which is currently Intel, of course).

The data management system combines ARM's Pelion IoT and Treasure Data Customer Data Platform (CDP) to help retailers break down data silos and obtain a holistic view of a shopper’s path to purchase. The key is collecting customer data and in-store IoT data and making this accessible to the right stakeholders.

The software runs across a huge range of IoT devices. It comes from display advertising, email, web, mobile and more by including physical in-store IoT and POS data from the CDP platform, and then links to Pelion IoT to provide data management of real-time data in-store and API-enabled integration for digital maps, beacons, computer vision and store execution software.

The stack seamlessly integrates with retailers’ existing systems and software, including those from ARM partner Reflexis, whose store execution software is used by more than 250 retailers globally.

The Reflexis ONE platform then brings an additional layer of value by providing retail store associates with actionable tasks based on real-time data insights from the stack. For example, data captured from a shopper's engagement with a product in-store and their online shopping behaviour can trigger an alert in Reflexis ONE on potential interest in the product, areas to provide better customer service and opportunities to deliver a personalised offer so that the store associate can prioritise their tasks. Our partnership with Reflexis minimises the costs of change management and will allow retailers to quickly deploy the solution in stores and train store associates.

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