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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

u-blox and Interdigital in patent license fight

By Nick Flaherty

Swiss comms module maker u‑blox has filed a lawsuit against Interdigital in the US to obtain a fair, reasonable and non‑discriminatory (FRAND) license to Interdigital’s range of patents on wireless communications. 

After two years of failed negotiations, despite its legal obligation to do so, Interdigital failed to offer a FRAND license agreement covering the sale of u‑blox 2G, 3G and 4G products, said u-blox.

“u‑blox respects the intellectual property rights of others and has always been and continues to be a willing licensee to standard essential patents (SEPs). It is how we do business”, said Thomas Seiler, CEO of u‑blox. “We have therefore asked a court to review and determine the FRAND rate for the patents held by Interdigital. u‑blox is a committed licensor for the benefit of our customers and we believe that our willingness to license also positively distinguishes u‑blox within the module industry. To the extent that Interdigital is willing to reconsider their position, u‑blox is open to further negotiations - but not to the detriment of the company, our customers or shareholders.”

Concurrent to filing the lawsuit, u‑blox has also asked the court for an immediate Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) and preliminary injunction against Interdigital to avoid any disruption to its existing business relationships.

The suit would imply that a similar restraining order is being considered by Interdigital which would restrict the sale of u-blox modules in the US.

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