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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

LON moves to IP as IoT standard to boost building and industrial automation

By Nick Flaherty

A new standard to move the LON protocol to IP could help to boost building and industrial automation systems.

The ANSI/CTA 709.7 LON IP protocol, recently approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), will speed further adoption of LON technology and continue to expand the LonWorks ecosystem, says Adesto Technologies. 

The new standard enables native LON communication over any IP transport such as Ethernet and Wi-Fi, as well as interoperability with IP-based web services so that building and industrial automation systems can seamlessly and securely interoperate with cloud and IoT applications.
Adesto acquired LON developer Echelon last year and worked with other LonMark International ( members to drive development and standardization of the new protocol, which describes the complete set of requirements for users, developers, vendors, integrators and specifiers of open building and industrial control systems to develop LON devices with native IP transport. 

Adesto is delivering technology to support the new LON IP standard including:
  • Multi-protocol smart transceiver chipsets that support LON, LON IP and other IP-based protocols, including BACnet IP, for simplified system integration, lower cost of ownership, multi-application and vendor interoperability, and standardised tools
  • Open MQTT based web services protocol (IAP) and rich APIs that can easily and securely connect to LON and other control protocols – enabling increased support for cloud-based and remote applications
  • Edge servers and network interfaces that provide connectivity from IP cloud services to a variety of control protocols including LON, Modbus, and BACnet.
As building and industrial control networks must handle ever-expanding datasets and additional IoT application interfaces, IP communications can provide higher speeds, greater bandwidth and increased flexibility. 

LON IP builds on the device management and control services of the LON technology implemented in over 150 million devices over the years across all critical industrial markets including building automation, smart grid, lighting controls, transportation and manufacturing equipment. 
“Following Adesto’s acquisition of Echelon Corporation, the company is pursuing an aggressive embedded product roadmap which puts LON technology and LonWorks at the forefront of open standard networking for IoT systems,” said Rich Blomseth, principal product manager for Adesto. “We believe that as the new protocol becomes an internationally recognized standard, we will see increased adoption of LON and LonWorks in IoT systems for building and industrial automation.”

“Standardisation of the LON IP protocol validates the approach of combining LON application and data layers with IP standard transport,” said Ron Bernstein, CEO and executive director, LonMark International. “The new standard provides greater interoperability between IT and operational technology systems, promising to create a broad ecosystem for connecting building and industrial automation systems with IoT applications and cloud analytics.”

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