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Friday, May 06, 2011

Logic PD claims world's smallest embedded system-on-module

Based on TI's DaVinci digital media processor and Sitara ARM microprocessor
By Nick Flaherty

Logic PD has launched what it claims is the industry’s smallest embedded modules: the Torpedo System on Modules (SOM) based on Texas Instruments’ DM3730 DaVinci video processor and AM3703 Sitara ARM microprocessor. 
The Torpedo SOMs (above) occupy less than one square inch yet offer the highest performance and lowest power consumption in the market with fast product development and enable companies to further condense hardware space requirements while increasing overall system performance.
“Logic PD’s long-standing relationship with Texas Instruments and our vast system design experience enable us to deliver this unique balance of size, speed and processing power,” said Kurt Larson, director of product management at Logic PD. “Our modules reduce design complexity and time to market allowing users to create market changing products ahead of their competition.”
The DM3730 and AM3703 Torpedo SOMs are less than one square inch in size and provide PC-like speeds up to 1GHz with long battery life with power consumption of less than 5 mW in suspend state. The ultra-compact Torpedo SOMs are an ideal off-the-shelf solution for applications in markets where space is a premium, such as point-of-care medical devices, handheld radios and mobile Internet devices.
Like the Torpedo SOMs, the DM3730 SOM-LV and AM3703 SOM-LV are based on Texas Instruments’ DM3730 DaVinci video processor and AM3703 Sitara ARM microprocessor, and provide speeds up to 1 GHz and low power consumption. In a slightly larger form factor, Logic PD’s DM3730 SOM-LV also offers on-board Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR wireless radios, and a 10/100 Ethernet controller. The AM3703 SOM-LV provides a lower cost option that includes the Ethernet controller for network connectivity but no wireless features. The SOM-LV products are ideal for applications in the medical, point-of-sale, industrial and security markets, such as patient monitoring, bar code readers and CCTV cameras.
Logic PD provides Android, Linux and Windows CE board support packages (BSPs) for use with all versions of the DM3730 and AM3703 SOMs. These BSPs are designed, developed and tested using an ISO 13485 certified process to ensure quality and reduce risk. Additionally, by maintaining footprint compatibility with Logic PD’s existing OMAP35x SOM product lines, the DM3730 and AM3703 SOMs extend the longevity of existing products through drop-in performance improvements while maintaining scalability to future technologies.
“By combining our high-performance Sitara ARM microprocessors and DaVinci video processors with Logic PD’s design expertise, the new AM3703 and DM3730 SOMs ease product development and reduce overall design complexity by removing the 0.4 mm package and memory routing issues many customers face. In turn, this allows our customers the ability to bring fast, high-performance hardware and software to market sooner,” said Juan Gonzales, DM3730 DaVinci video processor marketing manager at Texas Instruments.

Pricing & Availability
Logic PD’s Zoom DM3730 Torpedo Development Kit and Zoom DM3730 SOM-LV Development Kit, including Wattson, a power measurement and performance monitoring application, will be available in June and July, respectively, through Logic PD distributors. The suggested retail price is $997. For SOM pricing and for more information, contact
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