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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Samsung prototypes flexible quantum dot display

Transfer printing for 4in display using quantum dots

By Nick Flaherty

In what may well turn out to be a key development in displays, Samsung and the University of Cambridge have developed a small prototype display using quantum dots that are transfer printed onto a  substrate. 
Light-emitting diodes with quantum dot luminophores demonstrate high quantum yields, extremely narrow emission, spectral tunability and high stability, among other beneficial characteristics, but up until now the inability to achieve size-selective quantum dot patterning by conventional methods has hindered the development of full-colour quantum dot displays. 
The researchers have demonstrated a large-area, full-colour quantum dot display, including in flexible form, using optimized quantum dot films, and with control of the nano-interfaces and carrier behaviour. The printed quantum dot films exhibit excellent morphology, well-ordered quantum dot structure and clearly defined interfaces and have been produced through the solvent-free transfer of quantum dot films and the compact structure of the quantum dot networks. 
The results suggest routes towards creating large-scale optoelectronic devices in displays, solid-state lighting and photovoltaics, say the team.
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