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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Updated: LogMeIn looks to open up IoT projects with the Xively ProductLauncher

By Nick Flaherty

Xively, the IoT networking platform of LogMeIn, has launched an interactive design tool to help nearly anyone, even those with limited technical expertise, quickly and easily create a virtual connected product and business.
Update:  This isn't the first time that LogMeIn has tried to do this - it has been an early mover in the IoT market. Back in 2013 it teamed up with ARM for its Jumpstart service, which brought a series of templates to the mbed development environment to help engineers develop code on ARM microcontrollers and link to the Xively cloud service.

This time around, ProductLauncher allows companies to model their IoT project before investing significant time and resources on developing custom software and a physical product. As a result, Xively says 'anyone' can turn an IoT product idea into a virtual connected business that manages and automatesIoT data, all in a matter of clicks. With the ability to move projects forward instantly, companies may be able to dramatically reduce the cost and time to market typically felt with IoT projects.

Powered by the full enterprise Xively platform and offering more than 300 connected product templates across industries, including smart home, commercial, industrial and healthcare, the Xively ProductLauncher allows developers to:
  • Create a Connected Product and Data Model: A company can pick from hundreds of Xively’s connected product templates with different data feeds or can upload their own product idea and can customize the feeds for their specific use case
  • Create an End-User App: A company can see how an app can transform the way product data is visualized and how a user controls various aspects of a connected product.
  • Make Data Actionable: Set rules for the connected product based on the data being generated to help provide new revenue streams, better support or automate the service of the product – all through simple drop-down options.
Also today, Xively by LogMeIn is adding new pricing models including a fixed price package that offers a set cost and timeline for getting a product connected and launched, and helps avoid uncertain development delays and cost surges that tend to plague DIY projects.

“Most companies are still approaching IoT as a technology challenge rather than a business opportunity and IoT solutions today are catering to that model leaving the business stakeholders out in the cold,” said Paddy Srinivasan, General Manager and Vice President, Xively by LogMeIn. “The Xively ProductLauncher is changing the game by enabling effectively anyone to rapidly conceptualize, customize and deliver a connected product that adds value to both their business and their customers in a matter of months.”

Xively Website

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