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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Indegy wins award for industrial IoT security technology

By Nick Flaherty

Industrial networks are increasingly utilizing IIoT devices for collecting data used to improve decision-making and reduce operations management costs. However, these technologies are creating security challenges that can impact the safety and reliability of industrial control systems (ICS) and processes, raising the prospect of industrial systems being hacked to create networks of malware. 

The Indegy Cyber Security Platform protects operational networks used in critical infrastructure including energy, utilities, petrochemicals and manufacturing from both external and internal threats.
By providing comprehensive visibility into the control-plane engineering activities performed in operational technology networks, Indegy’s technology automatically discovers all controllers (PLCs, RTUs, DCSs) on ICS networks, monitors all access and changes in real-time, and validates their integrity ensuring no unauthorized changes go undetected. Indegy enables advanced detection and response to threats that place the safety, reliability and security of industrial networks at risk before damage occurs.

“Indegy is proud to be selected the Overall IoT Security Solution of the Year from such a large number of respected security companies and top startups,” said Barak Perelman, CEO of Indegy. “Industrial IoT products are proliferating and placing critical infrastructure at risk. Indegy’s unique approach ensures that operators have the end-to-end situational awareness and comprehensive visibility needed to protect against cyber threats introduced by IIoT devices.”

The technology provides visibility and security that spans the entire operational (OT) network, with a unique focus on control-plane activities performed over proprietary engineering protocols. This lets Indegy identify threats before damage can occur as well as a comprehensive audit trail of all changes to ICS devices, who made them and when. It is the only solution that can capture access and changes to critical controllers, whether made over the network or by physically connecting to the controllers (via serial cable or USB drive).

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