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Thursday, September 28, 2017

IoT moves into the backbone with specialist cloud router

By Nick Flaherty at

Swedish telecoms operator Tele2 is looking to integrate IoT capability into the backbone of its network with a new cloud-based routing system called 2ROUTE. 

This makes it possible to collect, route and manage all IP data, from multiple cellular service providers, in one single interface. While this makes data management easier, smarter and more cost-efficient, it also sidesteps some of the speciliast IoT data system suppliers.

Many enterprises are forced into an infrastructure provided by multiple suppliers for reasons of cost optimization, regulatory compliance and network coverage. A whole set of companies has sprung up to consolidate this, avoiding the multiple IT and network integrations, imposes a management burden and introduces additional overhead costs. 

2ROUTE helps enterprises to overcome all of that by providing a single management and routing platform for all IP traffic, across different cellular IoT deployments. With a suite of API’s and web self-service, enterprises will get instant access and the ability to configure the network settings of their IoT deployments easily.

2ROUTE is built with the latest technology and deployed on top of a highly scalable cloud infrastructure. Setting up secure private IoT infrastructure, which normally takes a telecom operator 4 to 12 weeks, can now be done in minutes. 2ROUTE also allows enterprises to isolate selected data by setting up secure sub-networks.

Using 2ROUTE will bring benefits to different types of enterprises. Imagine a fleet management application where end-customers get the ability to directly access and manage their sub-fleet of devices as if they have a private secure network, whilst the provider of the fleet management service does not have to go through the effort of configuring this themselves. Or a start-up company with a data intense offering that instead of taking the risk in investing in infrastructure can use a 2ROUTE infrastructure-as-a-service solution, paying as they grow and freeing resources for other business investments. A number of Tele2 IoT customers have already started testing the solution in order to experience its business benefits.

“As the orchestrator of a smarter world, we aim to launch services that make IoT adoption easier, increasingly secure and more efficient. Our 2ROUTE service is an excellent example where we launch a service that reduces overhead and hardware cost, enables a quicker time-to-market and provides tools to improve our customers’ product quality and security. Our strategy to develop open, enduring and inspiring products is now visible for the entire world and the release of new disruptive services will increase over the next year,” said Rami Avidan, CEO of Tele2 IoT.
The Tele2 IoT trial kit is at

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