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Friday, September 29, 2017

FreeWave combines SCADA and telemetry for rugged IoT

By Nick Flaherty at

FreeWave Technologies has combined SCADA and rugged 900MHz long range wireless telemetry to provide the ability to develop and host third party apps for intelligent control and automation of remote sensors and devices in the field.

The ZumIQ App Server edge software combines the 900 MHz wireless telemetry with the ability to program and host third-party applications, similar to a Linux-based Raspberry Pi embedded in an industrial Ethernet radio. 

Developers can program with any language that is compatible with a Linux kernel, including: Python, Java, C++, Node-RED and Node.js development environments, and a free development programme is avialable (see below). The software comes pre-loaded with Node-RED, Python and MQTT for easy industrial IoT app development on multiple ZumLink 900 Series radio models.

It has used this to develop ZumDash, a small SCADA industrial control app that enables reliable data collection; monitoring, and remote command and control functionality through triggers, alarms and actions. The app supports analogue, digital and HART data interfaces with Modbus. ZumDash also provides a "dashboard" with user-defined status updates and data trend visualisation from any web-based device. It was created to serve as a cost-effective replacement to small SCADA systems that rely upon expensive Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) type hardware and monthly recurring fees.

"Once considered unattainable by small- and mid-sized companies, process-driven industrial applications and edge intelligent solutions can now be implemented easily and affordably with FreeWave's ZumIQ App Server Software," said Scott Allen, CMO of FreeWave Technologies. "ZumIQ allows customers to automate virtually any industrial site with process control, monitoring and automation without expensive retrofits, recurring subscription fees or costly internal software development teams."

FreeWave has set up a pilot program ( to provide a complimentary hardware/software dev kit for engineers to write their own industrial IoT applications with easy-to-use developer tools.

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