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Monday, April 19, 2010

Long range module runs Bluetooth over 1.2km

ConnectBlue has developed a long range Bluetooth module that provides an exceptionally long range of 1.2km, high throughput and the Extended Data Mode protocol which makes individual data channel communication possible for each unit in the 7-slave multi-point network.
The new OEM Serial Port Adapter 433 achieves its exceptional range of over 1200 meters through high receiver sensitivity and output power. In order to provide the highest throughput possible, the module supports Bluetooth Specification v2.1+EDR and is prepared for Bluetooth v3.0 via firmware upgrade.
“Our customers are found in demanding industrial applications and in these tough conditions, it is particularly important with wireless connections that are reliable,” said Rolf Nilsson, President of connectBlue. “Expanding the range to 1200 meters puts extra demands on a wireless solution and we have therefore focused on expanded testing in order to deliver a robust and ready-to-use experience for the customer.”
The customer can be up and running in no time since the Bluetooth stack is embedded in the module and no additional driver or stack is required in the host. Further, the OEM Serial Port Adapter 433 is fully Bluetooth qualified and radio type approved for Europe, US and Canada, and has the connectBlue standard interface for compatibility over product generations and across wireless technologies Bluetooth, Wireless LAN and IEEE 802.15.4 / ZigBee. The Bluetooth module is also compliant with EMC, Safety and Medical standards.
Key features of the OEM Serial Port Adapter 433 Bluetooth module include high speed UART logic level and RS232 (SPIand I2C on request), analog and digital I/Os, easy configuration by AT commands, connectBlue Low Emission Mode™, Wireless Multidrop™ with up to 7 channels, Extended Data Mode for individually controlled multipoint data channels, repeater mode, and a choice of internal or external antenna. The module supports the Bluetooth profiles Serial Port Profile (SPP), Personal Area Networking Profile (PAN), Generic Access Profile (GAP), Dial-up networking Profile (DUN GW, DUN DT), File Transfer Profile (FTP) and Object push Profile (OPP).

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