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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

CriticalBlue and Freescale collaborate to streamline and simplify multicore software development

CriticalBlue’s Prism development environment now available for QorIQ multicore processors

CriticalBlue is working with Freescale Semiconductor to make its Prism development environment available to support Freescale’s QorIQ multicore processor families. Software developers will be able to migrate, optimise and verify their existing software applications on Freescale’s multicore platforms based on Power Architecture technology.
 As communication equipment vendors migrate from single-core to multicore designs, they face the complex and time consuming task of rewriting their code to work with multiple cores. The addition of Prism support to Freescale’s QorIQ multicore ecosystem will help customers preserve the value of their legacy code while designing with new multicore platforms. The Prism tool helps eliminate guesswork by profiling the code base and suggesting which routines are best to leave in serial sequence and which ones are candidates for parallel sequencing across multiple cores. With this capability, Freescale customers are able to optimise their software code to achieve maximum hardware performance.
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