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Saturday, April 24, 2010

A VC’s perspective on healthcare investment | Analysis

With the passing of the new healthcare reform legislation in the US, there are new-found opportunities to make the healthcare system more efficient with the influx of more than 32 million people over the next several years. With this surge, there will be an inevitable paradigm shift not only for consumers, but also for businesses.
Startups will quickly fuel the healthcare space with new embedded medical technologies and solutions as the industry looks to aid the expansion of hospitals and health-related companies. For instance, the concierge medicine route is being supplemented with Web-based applications created to access the needs of the consumer while providing businesses key insights so as to foster growth and targeted programs.
Dr. Bijan Salehizadeh is a general partner at Highland Capital Partners and focuses on investments in medical device, healthcare services and healthcare information technology companies. More on his analysis at  A VC’s perspective on healthcare investment

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